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Nintendo’s newest console has been out for sometime now and with every new Nintendo console comes a wide variety of new Mario games. And new Mario games means even more Mario fun. The question left is, how will Nintendo use Mario on the Wii U?


Super Mario Wii U

Starting off with a big one. We know that we will see Super Mario Wii U at E3 2013 as announced in January’s Nintendo Direct, but where will Mario find himself this time? What could Mario possibly be doing?

Peace, dudes. I’m off to the galaxy now.

First we saw Mario at Princess Peach’s Castle, then we traveled to the beautiful Isle Delfino and lastly we got a stunning galaxy to explore. This gives us three options to return to: the Mushroom Kingdom, an entirely new place or the universe. The Mushroom Kingdom is Nintendo’s safe bet. It’s Mario’s homeland, but if Nintendo did choose the Mushroom Kingdom, some may complain about taking such a safe approach. An entirely new place is a very creative one for Nintendo to explore. They can create a whole new worlds if they wanted to, but keep the uniqueness that the Mushroom Kingdom contains with its very different areas and species. The last location, the Universe, could allow Mario to travel through completely different dimensions in the Mario world. One of my personal ideas is allowing Mario to travel through time, perhaps making an elderly Mario travel through time, taking him on a fascinating adventure to unknown lands.


Super Smash Bros. Wii U

Mario and friends have always had a long feud, or more simply, they have too much fun beating each other up. Either way, the Super Smash Bros. series is one of Mario’s much loved spin-offs. Nintendo has a lot on their hands when creating these games, but how can they let us fight in a new way?

What are these coins you’re using? Where are all the rings?

With the obvious new characters and stages returning, what or who could we see making their way onto the smashing screen? Nintendo recently experimented with third-party characters like Snake and Sonic who were nice additions, but what other third party characters could join? Some obvious choices include adding Knuckles and Tails, or other characters like PAC-Man and Mega Man, who have been speculated on greatly. Don’t forget there are also new stages that we will see. Familiar places we could see include the Comet Observatory from Super Mario Galaxy, and even Skyloft from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, but there could also be odd places like a Paper Mario stage, or a level that takes place inside Bowser (Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story) or in Luigi’s dreams (Mario and Luigi: Dream Team). Shying away from the characters and stages, there are also plenty of other changes that can come. The adventure mode can be redone, or perhaps a mode where we play normal levels in full 3D?


Mario Kart Wii U

The recent Nintendo Direct also confirmed we’ll be seeing a Mario Kart Wii U at E3 2013. While we wait, how about we consider what we could see in this game. New characters, new tracks and a whole lot of racing fun.

Eat my Spiny Shell.

Mario Kart has been on every console since the Super Nintendo, and the most recent announcement to bring the series to the Wii U is making it that much more exciting. Mario has the possibility to be race through some visually stunning tracks, which might make even your eyes drool. A big question remains regarding the gliding and underwater driving introduced in Mario Kart 7. Or what about an entirely new feature that utilizes the three-section courses? Yes I’m talking about an adventure mode, similar to that of the Super Smash Bros. series. Mario and friends would race across the Mushroom Kingdom and come across different stops which serve as races. Each race would be a three section course, and after following the long road across the Mushroom Kingdom, you would finally make it to the other side and win a cup. It’s a possibility and could be something really entertaining.


Paper Mario Wii U

Paper Mario is a long lasting series that has been adored by many fans. Even if another Paper Mario has been released recently, why can’t we see another soon?

Really?! Mario gets another adventure?! Fine, I’m returning to the Waffle Kingdom.

Another installment to Mario’s paper thin world is not that big of a stretch, seeing as we’ve had one on every home console since the Nintendo 64. But how can Nintendo mix it up this time? We were given a very different change to the Paper Mario series with Super Paper Mario, but do we want to see a Paper Mario like the modern ones, or maybe something similar to the classic style? In my opinion, the classic way of Paper Mario would be a better go for Nintendo. I know they’ll try to switch it up a bit, but sometimes a game can be so great that it doesn’t need changing. For all I care, Nintendo could just create another story where we travel to seven differently themed worlds and Bowser’s Castle with the goal of collecting a group of highly powered stars. I’ll still buy the game. But what about Paper Mario doing something different? Maybe Mario is collecting the stars to restore peace to the world after Bowser uses the Star Rod once again to brain-wash everyone? Maybe a secret in Peach’s Castle opens up after collecting seven disks and placing them into the numerous holes in the secret room? Plenty of possibilities, but only time will tell.


Mario Sports

Why can’t we see Mario out in those running shoes again for another round of sports? We know about the Winter Olympics in 2014 and the Summer Olympics in 2016, but before that time comes, why don’t we see a return to a game like Mario Sports Mix with a brand new set of sports?

I bet you I’ll make it to the end first!

If Nintendo decided to create another Mario sports game, what sports would we see? There will always be the big sports like Basketball, Tennis and even Golf, but what about other sports? Has Nintendo ever considered a full on hockey game, or perhaps trying something new out with a game of American Football or even wrestling. There are plenty of opportunities to bring forth new experiences with Mario and his sports titles.


Do you have any ideas for games we could see on Wii U? Why not share your idea in the comments below!

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