Analyzing the Gloomy Mansion of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is set to feature at least five different mansions for Luigi to explore. As we detailed in our previous article, each mansion has a different theme and a different setting. Read along as we analyze all the information we know for each of these five mansions.

Gloomy Mansion, the first mansion Luigi will have the chance to explore, is themed as a standard haunted mansion, similar to the mansion in the original game.


The E3 2012 demo showed off one of the missions found in Gloomy Mansion, the quest to find the Poltergust 5000. Upon starting the mansion, Luigi will find himself outside the mansion. After peering through a window from the porch, a mouse will scatter about, carrying a key to the front door.

The entrance room in Gloomy Mansion.

Once in the main room, Luigi will be able to access the Garage, as well as the Mudroom.

A golden version of the car found in the Garage.

From there, Luigi will find himself in rooms such as the Guard Hall, the Foyer, and the Coatroom.

Keep an eye on the solider guards in the Guard Hall.
After sitting on the can, Luigi finds himself on the reverse side of the Coatroom.

In the E3 2011 demo, players will able to play a different mission in the Gloomy Mansion, one that involved Luigi after obtaining the Poltergust 5000. In this mission, Luigi made it into several different rooms, including:

The Common Hall.
The Lab.
The Dining Room.
The Foyer.


In the room at the top of the stairs in the Foyer, Luigi will find the Library with a book wielding ghost waiting inside. Defeating him will end the mission.

Apparently, ghosts can read.
Books in a library. Who knew?

There are at least two other missions found in Gloomy Mansion, but few details have been spared as to what they contain. We know that at least one will feature a giant spider as a boss, and this is heavily supported by the many spiders the hang from the ceilings throughout the mansion. Other screenshots have revealed spiderwebs blocking doors and other objects.

Great. It’s in the Cellar.


Interested in seeing the two missions in action? Check out both videos below to see both from start to finish, along with direct audio!