Looking Back at the Top 5 Articles of 2012

2012 turned out to be the best year in Mario Party Legacy’s history on the net, surpassing and doubling the number of views from the year of 2011. Mario Party Legacy also featured a wide assortment of news coverage, guides, and features that impacted the success of the site. Look below to see which articles fared the best in each of those three categories.


Top 5 News Articles


5. Metal Mario Confirmed for Mario Tennis Open

4. 12 Characters Total, Story Mode, and More for Mario Party 9

3. Lots of New Super Mario Bros 2 Art

2. Art Overload for New Super Mario Bros. U

1. Shy Guy Unlockable, 12th Character DK?


Top 5 Feature articles


5. What’s New in New Super Mario Bros. 2

4. Five Characters Waiting for a Spot in Mario Party

3. What Our 1 Million Coin Reward Would be in New Super Mario Bros. 2

2. Gallery of Wii U Box Art Mock Ups

1. The World Map So Far – New Super Mario Bros. U


Top 5 Guides and Community Articles


5. Mario Party Legacy Community Night – Mario Kart 7

4. Mario Party 9 Pages

3. How to Unlock Boards and Characters in Mario Party 9

2. Mario Tennis Qr Code Guide

1. Paper Mario: Sticker Star Guides