Legacy Wednesdays (with SuperZambezi!)


Hey guys, just wanted to do a quick bit of advertising here for The Lost Levels YouTube, plus hair center more! So from now on, Monday-Friday every week, you can expect a mini video from The Lost Levels on our YouTube! You guys know this! Let me introduce Legacy Wednesday! Welcome to Legacy Wednesday! A segment hosted by SuperZambezi! This video saç doktoru is a bit longer than our usual videos. Basically, SuperZambezi hosts a music quiz show! He gets 5-6 songs together, and then plays them for The Lost Levels, and we have to guess right to win points! The person at the end with the most points wins! 3000 greft saç ekimi fiyatı This is a MUST watch! Also, sorry for some glitches!

If you wanna watch the video, here you go:


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