Top 5 Levels from Paper Mario: Sticker Star

¬†Paper Mario: Sticker Star brought a variety of classic world themes and integrated them into the many levels that populate the world map. You’ll see your average grasslands and desert levels, but amidst the generic, yet interesting, level themes, you’ll find an assortment of levels that truly break from the chain and stand as their own unique levels. With that in mind, take a look at the top five levels from the game:


5. Chomp Ruins (World 5-4)


While there isn’t anything earth-shattering gameplay wise, the level is a real treat to simply play through and observe the views and the location in general. Set in the ancient ruins of what looks like a long lost civilization, the level has you crossing waterfalls, avoiding spiked wheels, and releasing a sleepy Chain Chomp. And don’t forget the amazing music track that plays exclusively for this level, something that adds even more to the great atmosphere of the level.

4. Decalburg


Yes, it’s the main hub area and a bit generic at that, but Decalburg is the home of the game’s personality, something the game in general lacks in many respects. The town may be small, but what you find inside is certainly worth your while. The quest to find the hidden Toads was one of the game’s shining moments, and the humor continues as we see the outcome of the Adventure Toad play out in one of the Toad houses. From the game’s opening to the restoration of the Sticker Fest, there is always something interesting to see in Decalburg.

3. Bowser’s Snow Fort (World 4-6)


Who wasn’t giddy with nostalgia when the Secret Slide theme from Super Mario 64 played? The music aside, the concept of the entire level is one unlike any other in the game. After moving through the line of Shy Guys and Snifits trying to board the mine cart ride, Mario hops into his own cart and speeds through the frozen ice as he tries to make it to the end of the ride. Taking a different exit, the player in the cart will fly out of the mouth of a giant Bowser ice statue, right before it begins to move and starts the boss fight of World 4. The entire level is fun from start to finish, and concludes with the largest enemy in the entire game.

2. Stump Glade (World 3-10)


Enter the level to find an open area with a single giant stump. Hop through the hole in the middle to fall into a pit of darkness. The silence doesn’t stay for too long, as the bright lights flip on and cheering crowds roar through the stands. A Snifit introduces himself as the host of the game show, Snifit or Whifit. Akin to past Paper Mario titles, the sequence of events begins a game show quiz that Mario will have to complete before making it to the end where the piece of the Sticker Comet waits. What makes this level so special, aside from the game show itself, is the sudden shake up of events. The past few levels all took place in a dark and mysterious forest, so it was truly a surprise and a pleasure to see such a change.

1. The Enigmansion (World 4-3)


The Enigmansion is the best level in the game. The Steward of a large mansion has been driven out of his home because of a recent onslaught of ghost attacks. Shivering in the cold outside, he tasks Mario with the quest to eradicate the Boos from the mansion. After finding and capturing all of the Boos, Mario finds that Kamek has been behind the whole mess and starts a fight with a Big Boo. The atmosphere of the mansion works perfectly, and the entire mission is fun from the beginning to the end. Each ghost is cleverly hidden, and you”ll never feel you were cheated in having to discover any of their locations. Exploration is key here, as you will not be moving from left to right the entire time, making regular trips back to rooms you have already been in. The Steward is unique in his own right, and fits the role perfectly. Needless to say, this is the highlight of the entire game, and is easily the best level in the game.

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