The Brand New of the New Super Mario Bros. U Enemies

New Super Mario Bros. U, the fourth installment in the six year old series, has brought forth an all new group of enemies that are completely new to the series and the entire Mario series as a whole. While we only get about a dozen of them for this game, they are still plenty interesting and have good reason to return in future Mario games.




As one of the more common enemies in the game, the Waddlewing has a special place in New Super Mario Bros. U by clearly having a relation with the Super Acorn, so much so that they can sometimes be seen holding one as they glide through the air.






Simply put, the Fliprus enemy is essentially a Snow Spike that now has the ability to jump and lob the giant snowballs it throws. It does, however, add a new twist to the gameplay, specifically when you are trying to reach a high ledge or a floating Star Coin.






Now, Nabbit isn’t an enemy you’ll find strolling around in any random level. Nabbit is actually an enemy that will first appear on the World Map, then hop into a level after stealing one of Toad’s P-Acorns. Entering the same level will find you chasing Nabbit before he reaches the end. The level ends when Nabbit is caught, and the prize is the powerful P-Acorn.





Bowser Amps

These guys don’t appear until you reach Peach’s Castle, specifically in Peach’s Castle – Red-Hot Elevator Ride. One of these Bowser Amps by itself is no issue at all. It’s when there are multiple on screen that things get hectic. The Bowser Amps will send slow moving electric waves to each other, making for a real obstacle when over five of them appear on screen.






Similar to the Spiny Tromps from the Paper Mario series, Grrrols roll across the floor with their spiked edges, leaving Mario defenseless in their path. Grrrols come in their normal form, as well as their Mega form where they are over twice the size of Mario.






Look similar to a Goomba? Well, that’s because they are essentially the same thing. Taking almost the same form, Goombrats are based on tomatoes more than anything else, featuring a more rounded body and a stem atop their heads. Both the Goomba and the Goombrat behave the same way, but Goombrats are smart enough to know that walking off a ledge leads to certain death.





Boss Sumo Bro.

New Super Mario Bros. U saw the return of the Sumo Bro. enemy from Super Mario World, but it also introduced the Boss Sumo Bro. enemy that is found as the boss of Screwtop Tower in Rock-Candy Mines. This Sumo Bro. is enlarged by Kamek and is able to jump greater distances than the average Sumo Bro.





Venus Ice Trap

This one isn’t too revolutionary, but it does add a nice touch and variation to an existing and quite common enemy. Found in the first level of Rock-Candy Mines, the Venus Ice Trap is simply a Venus Fire Trap that spits out iceballs instead of fire balls.






Dragoneel is one of the more creative new enemies found in the game. This enemy is entirely new and is not based off an existing enemy. The Dragoneel appears in a single level where it follows Mario wherever he swims. To avoid his wrath, Mario must use Dragoneel’s inability to make sharp turns to save himself and buy more time.





Baby Dragoneel

The Baby Dragoneel is even more common and rare than the Dragoneel. Only two appear in the game, found in a small, hidden cove with a Star Coin in the same level that the Dragoneel appears. The only difference with the Baby Dragoneels is their shorter length.





Targeting Teds

Torpedo Teds made their grand return from Super Mario World, but they also brought along a new type that can target your location and follow you up to three times before exploding.







Piranha Plant Eggs

This one isn’t as obvious. Instead of Lakitu throwing Spinys from up in his cloud, Lakitu now throws Piranha Plant Eggs. On impact with the ground, the eggs will immediately sprout out Piranha Plants that stay in place. Better take out the Lakitu fast as the Piranha Plants present a true obstacle.





Mecha Cheep

To better fit the theme, Mecha Cheeps replace Cheep Cheeps in the underwater Airship levels. Unlike normal Cheep Cheeps, these Mecha Cheeps swim in a perfectly straight line, and fire attacks do not harm them.






Balloon Goombas

Surprise, surprise, they’re Goombas with balloons. Should this even be considered a new enemy? They are literally Goombas attached to balloons by a piece of string! Anyhow, the Balloon Goombas make for an interesting enemy in the beanstalk level as they can be used to reach dangerous territory and can really get in your way.








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