Remixing the Old – Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Paper Mario: Sticker Star came with some shocking and surprising changes, and one of these changes was a more traditional approach to the themes of the game. With this, we get many more references to older games in the Mario series, and this rings true when talking about the music in the game. Throughout the game, you will encounter 10 different themes that have all been remixed from a past game in the Mario series. If we missed a remix, be sure to let us know in the comments!


Underground Theme


The classic underground. One of the most remixed and reused tracks in Mario history, the Underground themes finds its roots in the very first Super Mario in Super Mario Bros. Not surprisingly, the theme is used in any area found underground, and this is the case for both games.




Athletic Theme


Another track that has been remixed and reused in more recent Mario titles, the Athletic theme from Super Mario Bros. 3 found its way into Paper Mario: Sticker Star in the ski lift ride in World 4-5. The track is upbeat like it was in the original, and has a nice jazzy feel that accompanies the remix.




Starman Theme


The Starman Theme has also seen its fair share of reuse, but this is a standard when it comes to the invincibility power that Mario beholds when grabbing the Starman. Paper Mario: Sticker Star is no different.




Wing Cap Music


Finally, a track that hasn’t been heard in quite some time. The nostalgic Wing Cap theme from Super Mario 64 returns, this time coming in one of the most epic moments of Paper Mario: Sticker Star. While not quite invincible, the theme plays when Kersti grants you her power in order to defeat Bowser’s final form.





Serious Trouble!


Now this one isn’t the easiest to catch, but the two themes share plenty of similarities to give it a mention. Even the titles of the two tracks have similar names, although the legitimacy of these track names is in the air. It’s interesting to see that a game like Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time gets a remix for a Paper Mario game.




King’s Room


I didn’t get this one until hearing the original theme from Super Mario Bros. 3 a second time. The intermission scenes between each world in Paper Mario: Sticker Star feature this track, concluding that chapter of the game. This goes very much in line with the original track, when one of the kings are saved by Mario after defeating certain Koopalings.




Ghostly Galaxy


A remix from a much more recent Mario game is always a welcome. While the Haunted Enigmansion track in Paper Mario: Sticker Star does not completely remix the theme from Super Mario Galaxy, it does include snippets that any Galaxy fan will recognize. A very nice touch, I should add.



Slot/Nervous Breakdown


A third track remixed from Super Mario Bros. 3. In a typical fashion, the theme is played in a similar setting as the slot machine in Super Mario Bros. 3, this time playing when answering questions in the Snifit or Whifit game show.




Secret Slide


A favorite theme to many fans, and the second track remixed from Super Mario 64. The Secret Slide theme makes its grand return in the mine cart coaster of World 4-6 of Paper Mario: Sticker Star. The theme came as a surprise to many gamers and certainly brightened up the mood of the level.




Super Mario Bros. Theme


The Mario theme of all Mario themes. The classic Ground theme from the original Super Mario Bros. is featured not once, not twice, but three different times in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. The first time it can be heard is in the main theme of World 1, and a second time during the Rube Goldberg inspired puzzle of World 1-5. The entire theme is remixed during the Gooper Blooper boss battle of World 3-12, just after Mario uses counters Gooper Blooper’s poison attack.

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