New Details Emerge for Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

Different publications were able to get an hour of playtime with Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon this past week, and with that comes plenty of new details. The demo allowed time for the playthrough of two different mansions. Make sure to check out the new official art and screens from earlier today!

  • Each mansion will feature a series of missions.
  • Checklists of objectives and waypoints can be seen through Luigi’s Dual Scream device.
  • Some tasks are much more complex
  • Cash and gems help with your mission score, as well as for upgrades to your Poltergust 5000.
  • Clearance time, ghosts defeated, and cash acquired factor in the mission score.
  • There doesn’t seem to be a store for these upgrades.
  • A tweaked flash-then-capture system.
  • Some ghosts can vanish while others ranged attacks.
  • Ghosts with sunglasses will need to have them removed before they can be hit by the strobe light.
  • The Dark-Light Device upgrade is obtained early in the game.
  • It allows Luigi to uncover hidden objects and enemies.


  • The game takes place a few years after the original Luigi’s Mansion.
  • Professor E. Gadd now studies the ghosts of Evershade Valley.
  • The Dark Moon gives a calming efect to these ghosts, and this is disrupted when the Dark Moon shatters.
  • Solve the mystery of the Dark Moon’s destruction.
  • Gloomy Mansion is the first mansion in the game, followed by Old Clockworks.
  • Each mansion has a specific theme.
  • Gloomy Mansion is based on the mansion from the original game, while Old Clockworks is based around clocks.
  • Gloomy Mansion has four different missions.

  • Professor E. Gadd communicates through the Dual Scream, a Nintendo DS like device.
  • The bottom screen features a map, as well as the location of the next objective.
  • You will traverse back to older rooms.
  • Charging your flashlight is required before giving out a burst of light.
  • The longer the charge, the longer the range.
  • You can jump to avoid projectiles.
  • The Dark-Light Device will track down Boos who move from room to room.
  • Dark energy orbs must be sucked up to reveal the hidden object.
  • Many more environmental puzzles.

Source: IGN, GameXplain, 1Up