Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon – FREE Giveaway!

UPDATE 3: We are waiting for a response from the winner. If the winner does not reply by Friday, the game will given to somebody else!

UPDATE 2: The winner will be announced March 29! Stay tuned!

UPDATE 2: The giveaway will end on Thursday, March 28, 2013 at 3:00 PM EDT! The winner of the free game will be announced shortly after.


Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, the sequel to the fan launch title on the GameCube, is slated for release sometime this upcoming Spring on the Nintendo 3DS. Thanks to the immense amounts of support and you, the lovely visitors, Mario Party Legacy is able to give away a free copy of the game to one of our loyal visitors. The giveaway is open to everyone, including those overseas, so don’t worry about what country you live in. We haven’t decided if the game will be given through digital download or a retail copy, but rest assured that the game will be given one way or another.

To enter the giveaway, you must “Like” us on Facebook, or “Follow’ us on Twitter. Sometime near the launch of the game, we will do a drawing from both these services and select a person at random to win the game. If you both follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook, you have two entries in the giveaway, giving you double the chance of winning! Hit the buttons below to access both our Twitter and Facebook pages:

We will update this post when more information comes in regarding the release of the game, as well as the day we will reveal the winner of the giveaway. And remember to keep following us on Twitter and to continue liking us on Facebook as they will count as entries in future contests and giveaways!

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