Join Us in the Miiverse!

The Wii U has been released in all the major regions in the world. The Mario Party Legacy community continues to grow in the Miiverse population, so what better way to connect all of us than on an article on the front page of Mario Party Legacy. UPDATE: Did you get a Wii U for Christmas (or any other December 2012 holiday)? If so, be sure to share your Nintendo Network ID with us if you’re interested!

Use the comments section to exchange Nintendo Network IDs, and we will add any that we see to the list below:

SuperZambezi: SuperZambezi

Tsvlink25: tsvlink25

Nintendofan10039: Nfan10039

Trever: Demonfox69

Saxprodigee: saxprodigee

Gameguy1996: Gameguy1996

Luigi1: LuigiIsAwesome

Michael8bk: koopatk

Brookelas: KoopalingsMaster

Ohmytoad: OhMyToad

1056kirby: 1056kirby

xXCamTroXx: xXCamTroXx

Mareep: Dizzy_Chinchou

Kylercook: Kyler6-28-2000


If you want to send a friend request, start up your Wii U and go to Miiverse > User Menu > Search Users and enter their Nintendo Network ID. Once their profile is loaded, hit the button that says “Friend Request” in the upper right corner and they will receive a notice about your request. If you add a friend through the Friends List on the HOME button menu, they will not receive a notice. Note: You can only have up to 100 friends.

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