Even More New Details Emerge For Paper Mario: Sticker Star

New details on Paper Mario: Sticker Star has emerged. If you heed them all (and you should), you can be sure that you will avoid a dreadful mistake on where you might end up with no stickers to back you up if you are in battle!

  • Gather as many stickers as you can fit in your album
  • Use them as you see fit
  • Not all sticker attacks work on all enemies
  • You can’t hit flying guys with most Hammers
  • Can’t use standard jump attack on spiked enemies
  • Sticker Museum has a spot for each sticker in the game
  • You have to find those stickers to fill the museum
  • Receive a prize for adding every sticker type to the museum
  • Collect items like Electric fans, baseball bats, lucky cats, soda and more
  • Have these items turned into stickers
  • Use these stickers to fight enemies or find secrets
  • Paperize scenes to find spots to put these stickers, indicated by purple blotches or red dashed lines
  • Some of these stickers will push the story forward

Paper Mario: Sticker Star launches in North America in just nine days. Other regions still have a little over a whole month to wait. You can also check up on the news of Gooper Blooper from Super Mario Sunshine, as well.