Entire World Map Revealed for New Super Mario Bros. U!

Publications everywhere are unboxing their Wii U systems and games, and one of these games happen to be New Super Mario Bros. U.Tucked away in the instruction manual that comes with the game is a full view of the entire world map of New Super Mario Bros. U. Of course, this isn’t saying that there will not be any secret areas or even unlockable worlds.

So the eight worlds of New Super Mario Bros. U are:

  1. Acorn Plains
  2. Layer-Cake Desert
  3. Sparkling Waters
  4. Frosted Glacier
  5. Soda Jungle
  6. Rock-Candy Mines
  7. Meringue Clouds
  8. Peach’s Castle

And for those wondering, here is another look at the instruction manual, as well as the back side of the cover and the disc:


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