Sode Jungle, P-Acorn, and More Revealed for New Super Mario Bros . U

Today is another huge day for New Super Mario Bros. U! Just like yesterday in which a Nintendo Land embargo was lifted, today a New Super Mario Bros. U embargo ended, allowing many outlets to let out their latest impressions and details. With that, let’s jump right into what was revealed!



  • P-Acorn – Allows you to fly indefinitely.
  • Penguin Suit – Returns, but only in Challenges Mode.
  • Similar to New Super Mario Bros. Wii, you can hold onto items between levels, but this time you only have 10 slots to carry items.


World Map

  • Nabbit –  Appears on World Map. You will have to catch him in one of the levels. The reward is a P-Acorn.
  • Baby Yoshis are found on the World Map and can follow you into any level.
  • Power-Ups are also found scattered about the World Map
  • Peach’s Castle will be seen in cutscenes from time to time, growing in disarray. It will eventually be surrounded by a tornado.
  • World Themes include Acorn Plains, Layer Cake Desert, Sparkling Waters, Frosted Glacier, Soda Jungle.
  • There is also a Big Island, featuring the giant versions of enemies and blocks.




  • Challenges are broekn into different games.
  • This includes Flying, 1-Ups, Boost Mode, Coin Collecting, and Special.
  • Challenges have difficulty rankings, ranging from 1-5 Stars
  • You are competing to earn a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Medal.

  • One challenge has you sliding down a hill in the Penguin Suit trying to defeat as many enemies as possible to earn 1-Ups.
  • Another challenge has you holding a Baby Blue Yoshi that spits out bubbles that you will need to bunce off to reach a higher goal.
  • Next challenge has you dodging fireballs from two Fire Bor.s for 40 seconds.
  • Completing challenges will unlock new ones.
  • One Special Challenge has you protecting a Monty Mole on a raft while defeating knocking out the Goombas the slow the raft down.
  • More examples include making it through a stage without touching the ground, beat the “Big Island ” level without defeating a single enemy, and use a single Koopa shell to score a certain amount of lives.


Coin Battles

  • Coin Battle stages come from single player.
  • Customize levels with coin placement.
  • Create them for you and your friends.


Bosses and Enemies

  • Bowser Jr. will appear at random and ambush you.
  • One of these fights is in an underwater airship where you must use Bwser Jr.’s torpedoes against him.
  • Morton Jr. fights with a giant hammer that can shape platforms around you.



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