New Footage of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

It’s been a while, but Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon has finally gotten an update in video form. There is plenty to see in the two minute trailer, with some of the more notable details below:

  • Boo is seen for the first time.
  • One mansion has two bright and big flowers near the entrance gate, indicating that the mansion is themed around flora.
  • One room is infested with two giant Venus Flytraps.
  • At one point Luigi will have to walk across a thin piece of wood.
  • Another room is being filled up with sand.
  • Blue Toad makes his debut, and it looks like he is following Luigi.
  • Luigi can use a balloon to float up to a higher level.
  • Mummies are not affected by Luigi’s light.
  • Doors will be blocked when certain ghosts are being fought.
  • There is a green glowing portal in one of the rooms.
  • A red gem is seen on the floor in the same room, but it is unknown if Luigi can pick it up.