First 34 Minutes of Paper Mario: Sticker Star


Paper Mario: Sticker Star is less than four weeks away from release in North America, and Nintendo World Report has managed to get the first 34 minutes of the game on video. Be warned, as the video shows the entire into and first parts of gameplay. If you are trying to stay spoilers free, it wouldn’t be best to watch. The video is right below with a list of details and screens right under the video.

UPDATE: Nintendo requested that Nintendo World Report take the video down, so we now only have the first five minutes. This includes the opening cinematic.



  • Title Screen the same as the Demo Title Screen
  • Starts with story book for the intro
  • Decalburg at night
  • Red, Blue, Green, and Purple Toads in the crowd
  • Peach appears on a Stage

  • Sticker Comet floats down to the stage
  • Bowser appears and Goombas and Koopas swarm the crowd
  • Toads try to pull Bowser away and inadvertently have Bowser crash into the Sticker Comet
  • The Sticker Comet rises back up to the sky and splits into six pieces

  • A crown falls onto Bowser’s head making him untouchable
  • As the crowd is being blown away, Mario jumps on Bowser only to be knocked out
  • Kersti wakes you up and you have to peel her off the Peach sign
  • Royal Stickers grant the wishes, and Kersti is their caretaker.
  • A Toad gives you your hammer



  • After finding all the Toads, a group of Goombas will ambush and fight you
  • This serves as the tutorial to battling
  • Hearts can be found and immediately used to restore health
  • Mario finds a rare Scissors sticker that Bowser Jr. will battle him for.

  • Scissors can be found in a cave in the next area
  • After grabbing the Sticker Comet, coins will shower down and you have a few seconds to grab them
  • Getting the Sticker Comet will open the next path in the World Map
  • Dropping under 7 in health will change the battle music
  • Saving a Toad from two Goombas will result in getting the rare Cat-o-Luck

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