Disturbing Memories of the Super Mario Series

The Super Mario series is not known for its scary moments, but throughout its long and rich history, little aspects of the games have left us with haunting and disturbing memories that are too hard to forget. Today is the perfect day to look back and to remind ourselves that the Mario series is not always as innocent as it looks.



Super Mario Bros. 2

Oh, you want that key? Sure, go ahead and grab it, but you should know that a demonic floating mask that can defy the logic of barriers and walls will chase and haunt you, and they will not stop until that key is used. Oh, and forget about sleeping tonight. That’s not happening anymore.


Creatures of Shiverburn Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy 2

You would never think to check every detail of each world as soon as you enter one of the galaxies in Super Mario Galaxy 2. Unfortunately, someone decided to look over at the top of the distant cliffs of the Shiverburn Galaxy and found these guys. Who these creatures are is a mystery, but they are there, and they are watching.


Angry Sun

Super Mario Bros. 3


The Angry Sun doesn’t fall under the categories of scary and creepy, and instead is remembered for its persistent presence in the back of the desert level in Super Mario Bros. 3. As players rushed through the level, the Angry Sun patiently waited until it would swoop down in a fierce loop, causing many to panic and fear for their existence. The heart pounding moments spent with the Angry Sun are some of the most disturbing.


Creepy Ghost

Super Mario 3D Land

Here is a new you might have missed out on. Play through any of the Ghost Houses in Super Mario 3D Land and make it to the final area. Run past the flagpole and hop onto the ledge of the gate near the right wall. Now wait. Before long, a ghostly figure will appear, stay for a few seconds, and then vanish before your eyes. No we are not talking about a Boo or some other cartoon enemy, we are talking about a straight up ghost.



Super Paper Mario


Mimi, that cute little girl thing from Super Paper Mario? What could be disturbing about her? Chapter 2-4 of the game answers that question very well. It doesn’t take a long time before Mimi twists her head, grows spider legs, and begins to chase you about the mansion, screaming her own name. Scary stuff.


Evil Piano

Super Mario 64


You knew this was coming. Super Mario 64 had Unagi the eel and those endless stairs, but nothing will haunt you more than the disturbing moment you first faced the piano. You just wanted that one red coin, and it never entered your mind that the piano would chase you down with its sharp and deadly teeth. Is there anything more disturbing in a Mario game than this?

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