Details Roundup for Paper Mario: Sticker Star

With all the news and impressions on Paper Mario: Sticker Star, one can get lost when new details are spread across multiple articles and videos from different publications. Below we have a collection of all the new details addressed these articles, details that have not already been discussed here. There is plenty to discuss, so let us know what you think in the comments below!


On the Story…

  • No Luigi in the intro.
  • Kersti does not recognize Mario and blames him for the disastrous Sticker Fest.
  • The very first moment of gameplay has you unraveling a crumpled Mario by tapping the A button.
  • After the Sticker Fest, Mario must find Toads that are stuck in different areas around Decalburg.
  • One is stickered to a building, another is under a mat, a third is cruppled in a trash can, and another is behind a photo frame.
  • Part of the town has been rolled up and must be “de-burritoed” by the Toads.
  • After a battle with Bowser Jr., he will call you a cheater and tear out a bridge, placing it atop a hill.



On Stickers and the Battle System…

  • The shinier the sticker the more powerful it is. There are Normal, Silver, Gold, and Shiny Crystalline stickers.
  • Five different hammer types: Hammer, Worn Hammer, Hurlhammer, Slaphammer, Eekhammer, Baahammer.
  • The POW Block sticker crumples up enemies into a ball, causing them to lose a turn.
  • The order in which you pick consecutive stickers matter.
  • There is a sticker that summons a Bob-omb that will take out the enemy.
  • Spending 15 coins on the Battle Spinner will secure the second attack spot. Paying another 30 coins will slow the machine down. Price goes up for each use in that specific battle.
  • The Super Leaf sticker powers up your next attack.
  • The first real “Things” include the Fan, Faucet, Lucky Cat, and Scissors.


On the World and Locations…

  • The boss of World 1 is the Giant Goomba.
  • You can enter different levels out of order, but you may not be able to progress.
  • World 1 contains the grasslands and mountain area, World 2 has the desert, and World 3 houses the forest.
  • Decalburg is a small town, smaller than any major town in the Paper Mario series.
  • Surfshine Harbor is the tutorial level.
  • A 2D underground area is  found somewhere in the first world.
  • A sleeping Giant Wiggler blocks you from getting any further at the start of World 3.
  • There is a Sticker Museum in Decalburg where you can place any sticker you collect.
  • There is a reward for collecting every sticker.


On the Characters…

  • Kamek will play a greater role in this game.
  • Kamek steals one of the pieces of the Sticker Comet after being defeated by Mario.
  • Bosses will have a weakness to a specific “Thing”
  • A Snifit makes its first appearance in a Paper Mario game in the snow world.
  • Shy Guys also return.
  • Temporary partners include a Toad that you must escort back to the town. Engaging in battle will cause the partner to run back to its original location.
  • Mariachi Band Shy Guys do not chase you. They strum their instruments faster as you get closer. Battling is optional. Leaving them alone will cause them to show up in battles with other enemies.
  • All three bosses, including Bowser and the giant Goomba and Pokey, wear crowns.




  • Paperzie can replace objects and open new paths.
  • Coins look to be made out of cardboard.
  • Cardboard puddles can flipped to find hidden items.
  • Flowers may indicate a hidden block or a location to place stickers.
  • The goal of the level is to find a piece of the broken Sticker Comet at the end of the level.
  • You can only hold two pages of stickers at the start of the game.
  • Real world “Things” include giant pins and giant Goats!


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