4 New Paper Mario: Sticker Star Videos

GameXPlain has uploaded four new videos for Paper Mario: Sticker Star today.

The first one is regarding a Paratroopa Attack.


As you can see, a group of Paratroopas, called the Shell Squad, will attack Mario in World 2-2, the Yoshi Sphinx Desert.



In this video, Mario battles a group of Shy Guys, knows as the Mariachi Shy Guys. They also will appear in World 2-2 (Yoshi Sphinx Desert).



This video shows Kamek and some Bloopers taking off the segments of a Wiggler. This happens in World 3-3, which is known as Wiggler’s Tree House.



Here, Mario and Kersti are shown getting the first royal sticker after beating the boss in World 1-6, Goomba’s Fortress.


Paper Mario: Sticker Star releases in North America on November 11th, Japan on December 6th, Europe on December 7th, and Australia on December 8th. This Mario games seems like it will be a must have!