Top 10 Gold Flower Levels in New Super Mario Bros. 2

The Gold Flower was an awesome addition to New Super Mario Bros. 2, being one of the most sought out power-ups in the game. Once Mario got his little hands on the Gold Flower, nothing got in his way, as anything that touched the golden fireballs turned right into sweet, gold coins! There are plenty of levels that are specifically made with this power-up in mind, so take a look below for the best levels to take advantage of what the Gold Flower offers!


This underground level is full of Fuzzys, an enemy that can be found near or around plenty of its brothers and sisters. Thanks to the blast radius of the Gold Flower, you can vaporize these guys in a single hit, granting you hundreds of coins. This level is also host to plenty of POW blocks.


World 2-1 is the classic Gold Flower level. The power-up is first introduced here, and the level serves almost as a tutorial for the item. Once you grab the Gold Flower at the start of the underground cave, an array of blocks quietly await your wrath. There are plenty of enemies and blocks to hit above the ground as well.


Koopas and Goombas like to bunch up in this level, so getting over one hundred coins in one hit is not uncommon here. The secret rooms are also great for the Gold Flower, with one being filled entirely of bricks. The said room also has a Gold Flower hiding in the lone ? Block.


Bricks, bricks, and bricks! A lot of opportunities to get a chain reaction of coins grabbing thanks to the wonderful red POW blocks. Enemies are scattered all over, and there is even a red pipe that will continuously spit out Goombas. The secret room with all the Piranha Plants will easily net you over one hundred coins.


This level has a very low amount of blocks and bricks, but what makes it such a great level for the Gold Flower are the enemies and rocks scattered about the level. Nothing gets in your way as the Gold Flower easily takes care of the rocks, and there are Micro-Goombas everywhere!  A Gold Flower can actually be found in the level, just before the Checkpoint Flag.


This level is not exactly the best Gold Flower level, but there are a ton of coins and Gold Rings, meaning that with the Gold Flower, every enemy hit is doubled! This level is all about the coins, so it doesn’t hurt to have a Gold Flower around.


Again, not the best level in terms of getting coins from the golden fireballs, but there are two opportunities to use a Gold Ring and get 100 coins per the last couple of enemies. 50 coins would be the cap without the Gold Flower.


Enemies is why this level rocks! The Peepas are always moving in the same rotation, and a lot of the time, they are moving around a Whwomp. Hitting them in the right spot can get you up to 50 coins each time, and there are plenty of situations like this all throughout the level. You can literally wipe the entire level clean of enemies. A Gold Flower is hidden atop one of the high platforms.


If you are looking to max out your coin count, you have come to the right level. Grab your Gold Flower and enter the yellow pipe that leads to the second Star Coin. Inside, wait for about five or six Goombas to walk out of the red pipes, then grab the Gold Ring and begin hopping on the Goombas. If you did it right, you will be able to get 100 coins per Goomba, as long as you keep jumping from one to the other  without touching the ground. It’s possible to get a Gold Flower from the Roulette Box at the start of the level.


World Star-1 is not the level for getting a million coins (World 2-4 is for that). What this level is, however, is a perfect playground for the Gold Flower. EVERYTHING is made out of bricks. Everything you hit will turn into coins! If there is ever a place to unleash the ultimate Gold Flower power, then it’s here. Couple that off with enemies and a P-Switch full of blue coins, and you are set! They are even nice enough to provide a Gold Flower in the actual level. It’s hidden it in the secret room that is accessed by the beanstalk right before the Checkpoint Flag.



Thanks to IGN for the screens!

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