Title Screen, Coin Battle, and New Art for New Super Mario Bros. U

The New Super Mario Bros. U news keeps coming, as today we are treated with some new art and new details on the game’s modes. From the GameSpot video below, we get a glimpse at the title screen of the game, as well as the main menu. As always, the game features three slots for the main story, with three different modes persent at the bottom. We see the already announced Boost Rush mode, the Challenges mode, and the return of the Coin Battle mode from New Super Mario Bros. Wii. It’s also interesting to note that there is a SpotPass toggle at the very bottom. How do you think SpotPass will be integrated in the game?

You can also see that the first player is not limited to playing as Mario exclusively. While nothing has been said about the main game, the Boost Rush mode can be played with any character, regardless if you are playing alone.



As it was mentioned earlier, new art for the game has been released, confirming the return of Bowser Jr.

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