The World Map So Far – New Super Mario Bros. U

The seamless design of the world map in New Super Mario Bros. U is one of the major highlights of the upcoming game. Up to this point, we have seen four different areas of the world map, but all these sections have been scattered throughout different images and videos. Below you will be able to find everything we have seen about the world map, including an image of the entire world map so far. While this is by no means an accurate depiction of the world map, it is a start to what it may look like in the final game.


¬†NOTE: These images have been edited and photoshopped, and the final world map will not look identical to ours. Oh, and there are multiple Marios scattered about the image, so there’s that.


Acorn Plains (World 1)

Layer Cake Desert (World 2)

Frosted Glacier (World 3)

??? (World 8?)

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