OPINION : New Villain(s) for 3D Super Mario titles – Dimentio

This guy’s one odd fellow.

Bowser’s getting old. That darn Koopa just needs to take a break, because Mario will simply not allow him to get away with anything, no matter how many times the former decides to invade the kingdom. King Koopa should just realize it and accept his defeat like anyone else would. After failing at creating a new empire in the Center of the Universe, there’s nothing else worth an attempt to accomplish. You’ve reached your limit Bowser, there’s no point in trying out anything else after this. The largest scaled attempt at anything was a failure, so it’s time to stop. I’m being very repetitive as you can see King Bowser Koopa. Have any idea what I’d like to see happen to you? Allow someone else to torture these residents of the Mushroom Kingdom. Like, how about someone with a magical attribute?

This is as magical as he got, and he still couldn’t defeat Mario

Dimentio! Yes, that creepy magic guy who shows up only in Super Paper Mario. He’s perfect for a main villain in a 3D Mario title. His attitude along with his intelligence really makes him comparable to Fawful, but of course with a much lesser focus on scientific innovations. He’s very magical, capable of performing several magical feats which have been proven to be deadly. The magic performed from him is always something worth taking note of. It’s also enough to consider magic as serious business.

“Messing around? Oh, no. Magic is no laughing matter. I am always deadly serious.”

Being a jester, he is capable of some nice puns and jokes. He is also a great deceiver, and is even considered to be psychopathic according to Tippi. Since confidence is strong in him, he is likely to not be seen worried or nervous about completing any such tasks. He’ll do ANYTHING to get the job done, even if that means the end of others’ lives. These are exactly the traits needed for being a great villain of a higher order in a franchise dieing to witness different main enemies.

The deaths of others are of no concern to him

Dimentio doesn’t believe he himself is necessarily “evil”. In fact, he believes that his actions are all apparently justified truths, and those who are in the opposition are to be referred to as the true “evil”. With an individual who’s capable of thoughts such as these, he outshines Bowser in reason and logic as a true villain. Bowser on the other hand, just doesn’t give much reason or logic towards his doings. It’s not his fault though, Nintendo never further developed Bowser to become that way.

How would Dimentio become a great villain? What would he need to do to get Mario’s attention? Why would he do anything to the Mushroom Kingdom or the World? He isn’t someone who wants to rule over everything. Instead he wants to create a new world, a “perfect” world based on what he believes to be right and just. Though not caring for the beings he’ll likely kill along the way of achieving his goal does sound rather harsh and evil, that’s what a true heartless villain should be like. A villain should care less about anything that happens to anyone else, as long as the goal is accomplished.

Even something as ridiculous as this might need to be done in order to complete the task at hand.

The story should involve the true destruction of the world. Dimentio is after a great power in order to allow the destruction of everything, and afterwards create a new world. But like some villains, he’ll obviously need to collect everything needed for such a thing to happen. His magical powers alone will simply not be enough. Since he’s a great deceiver, he can somehow trick a person like Mario into collecting these particular items, and then steal them after all has been collected. Dimentio already has hatred towards Mario, and villains usually strive for revenge towards the heroes, so his reason for selecting Mario as his victim is reasonable. And of course, Mario will need to be forced to collect these items. Dimentio I believe is capable of at least doing that since he tends to use others for his own dirty work, This would fit in just perfectly with his own characteristics and personalities. What reason could he give Mario to do this? We’ll see, as he has tricks up his sleeves after all. And at the end, I could only hope for a more menacing final boss battle than his previous transformation.

I can only hope that his final form is different from this…..

Since he has only appeared in one game, there really isn’t much known about him to say more. But EAD could change this, as their love for using Bowser constantly is getting old. Maybe Bowser could still be in the game and play a role, but not as the main villain. Bowser could even “team” up with Mario to stop Dimentio from accomplishing complete destruction. His reason? Bowser still wants to take over the world with Princess Peach by his side, and he also wants Mario defeated and on his knees. If Dimentio destroys this world and creates a new one, Bowser wouldn’t exist, nor will Mario, nor will the Mushroom Kingdom. King Koopa will be left with unfinished business, and no one wants to die with so much unfinished business left over.

At any rate, would you believe Dimentio would make a great main villain?

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