New Details from New Super Mario Bros. U Game Informer Issue

Game Informer has revealed new details regarding New Super Mario Bros. U. Details on the World Map and different details on the levels were revealed:

  • One giant map
  • Entire map can be viewed at a single time
  • Many branching paths, you can even choose to go to another world
  • New Boost Rush mode – auto-scrolling and timer
  • Peach is kidnapped by you, guessed it, Bowser.
  • Boom-Boom returns as the Fortress boss.
  • Koopalings are back for the third time in the New Super Mario Bros. series

In addition, the following Worlds were spotted:

  • Acorn Plains (Grasslands)
  • Sparkling Waters (Tropical)
  • Frosted Glacier (Snow)
  • Layer Cake Desert (uhh.. Desert and Pastries)
  • A World surrounded by a Tornado
  • Areas similar to Forest of Illusion and Sky World


In respect to Game Informer, we are not posting the actual text from the articles. The screens are available for viewing below:


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