New Trailer for Fan-Made Super Mario Galaxy 2.5

Not too long ago, we reported on an update to the fan-made Super Mario Galaxy 2 hack, known as Super Mario Galaxy 2.5. It’s been a few months since the project was given an update, but all that has changed as the team behind the project released a new trailer for the game, as well as a playable demo!



As you can see, the project has come a long way, and some major advancements have been made to the game, as well as the entire Super Mario Galaxy 2 hacking scene .The trailer features entirely new galaxies, including a new grasslands world, an expansive ice world, a dark Bowser level, and a special throwback world that just about everyone will love.

The Super Mario Galaxy 2.5 team did not release any information as to when the final version will be released, but a playable demo is up for download for anyone who wants to get an early look at the ambitious project.

In order to play the demo, you need Homebrew and Riivolution on your Wii, as well as a retail copy of Super Mario Galaxy 2. An SD Card or a USB drive will also be required. Download the demo here:

Installer Download (Guides you through the installation process)
Direct Download (Just the two required folders, manual install)

For more on Super Mario Galaxy 2.5, and especially if you are interested in helping or joining the team, head over to the Super Mario Galaxy 2.5 home page.

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