Let’s Take a Look at Recent Mario Sales

There has been a lot going on for Mario this past year. As we await even more Mario goodness, let’s take a look at how past titles are fairing sales wise.



Since First Release

North America



Rest of the World


 41 Weeks






 37 Weeks






 24 Weeks






 13 Weeks






 3 Weeks






NOTE: Everything is represented in millions (1.63 = 1,630,000). Sales updated on August 11th.


Right off the bat we see that Super Mario 3D Land was a commercial success, with Mario Kart 7 following right in its footsteps. It’s no surprise either, as both titles were known to have helped revive the 3DS to where it is today.

The first Mario title in 2012 was none other then Mario Party 9, a game that has already passed the 1 million mark in sales. It’s unfortunate to see the game come out so late in the Wii life cycle. Mario Party 8 had the chance to release at the start of it, and now it’s the second best selling Mario Party game at 7.85 million copies sold.

The recently released Mario Tennis Open has only been out for three months, and sales do not look so hot right now. Sales in the Mario Tennis series are not as high as other Mario series, but it’s still a little disappointing to see. However, there is still plenty of time for this number to grow.

And last on the list is the just released New Super Mario Bros. 2. We only have sales for the single region of Japan, and sales are dominating with an impressive 940,000 copies sold! In just three weeks, New Super Mario Bros. 2 was able to secure nearly 1 million copies in one region, so it will be very interesting to see how the game does for the rest of the world.



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