New Super Mario Bros. 2 Japanese Website Updates

Recently, NSMB2’s Japanese website had a few changes.

You can visit the Japanese website here.

You can also visit the N. America website here.

On the Coin page of the Japan website there includes updates on unique ways of collecting coins.

Gold Flower: Turns every brick block into a coin.

Coin Block: While hitting a regular block, it may turn gold and turn into what’s known as a Coin block. These produce masses of coins for every move you make.

Gold Ring: Touching this turns all enemies into a special golden enemies including:

Golden Goomba: Stomping on Golden Goomba produces 5 coins.

Golden Koopa Troopa/Boo/Bulet Bill: Leaves a long trail of coins.


On the Adventure page, it shows World 1 and the levels it contains.


New levels include;

1-Rainbow: The first level, set in the sky, looks like it’s only purpose is to collect coins.

1-Cannon: This cannon launches you into an icy level, perhaps implying that it launches you to the Snow World.

Next up is the Course page, a whole new page. All it does is contain videos of Worlds 1-2-3.

From this you can see that World 1 is Generic Grasslands world.

World 2 is your standard Desert world.

And World 3, like the original New Super Mario Bros. is your beach/ocean world.

For more news, reviews and previews, stay tuned to Mario Party Legacy!


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