More than 8 Worlds and Other New Details for New Super Mario Bros. 2

After much of the press was able to get their hands on a near final build of New Super Mario Bros. 2, new details emerged that give us a few last looks at the game before it’s Japanese release in just two short days. So without further ado, here are the most important details to help build up that hype:

  • More than 8 Worlds.
  • The Boohemoth level is an auto-scroll level. Stare at the giant Boo to freeze the screen. Wait too long and he will begin moving again.
  • Flying ? Blocks appear return on the world map.
  • At this time, Luigi has not been seen to be playable in single player.
  • In co-op, the camera will follow the player with the arrow. The arrow will switch between players when someone enters a pipe first or successfully ground pounds the other player.
  • You can no longer pick up your partner.
  • The Invincibility Leaf does not protect you from lava, poisonous water, and pits.
  • World 1 is Grasslands, World 2 is Desert, and World 3 is Beach and Forest.
  • One level features a constantly rising and lowering water level.

  • After meeting certain requirements in a world, a bonus Rainbow level will become available. Inside you will be treated to a Coin Heaven filled with coins, but just like the Toad Houses, you can only go through the level once before it disappears.
  • Coin Rush Mode will have three difficulty options: Mushroom, Flower, and Star.
  • Mushroom only takes levels from World 1, World 2, and a special world.
  • Flower only takes levels from the middle worlds.
  • Star only takes levels from the final worlds.
  • You have the option to play as Normal Mario or White Raccoon Mario in Coin Rush Mode.
  • For your first StreetPass with a person, your coin score will not be displayed until after the challenge is played through once.


Thanks to GameXplain for the info!

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