How to Unlock Worlds and Secrets in New Super Mario Bros. 2

New Super Mario Bros. 2 was just released in Japan, leaving many wondering how to unlock all those sneaky secrets! Keep reading to learn how to unlock all the worlds, play as Luigi, and earn five stars on your profile!


Play as Luigi

Hold L+R when selecting a file.


Unlockable Worlds

World How to Unlock
World 2  Complete W1-Castle.
World 3  Complete W2-Castle.
World 4  Complete W3-Castle.
World 5  Complete W4-Castle.
World 6  Complete W5-Castle.
World Mushroom  Complete W1-Cannon.
World Flower  Complete W3-Cannon.
World Star  Complete W6-Castle.


Unlockable Stars

# of Stars How to Unlock
1 Star  Complete World 6.
2 Stars  Collect all the Star Coins in World 1-6, Mushroom, and Flower.
3 Stars  Collect all the Moon Coins in World Star.
4 Stars  Find all the hidden exits and open all paths.
5 Stars  Earn 3 crowns (collect 1,110 lives).
Sparkly Stars  Avoid any Assist Blocks!


In order to unlock the secret Rainbow courses, you need to clear a level at an exact time. For example, in World 1, you need to end the level with “X11” seconds left, with the “X” being any number. The Rainbow levels can only be played through once before they disappear.

Rainbow Course Seconds Needed
 W1-Rainbow  X11
 W2-Rainbow  X22
 W3-Rainbow  X33
 W4-Rainbow  X44
 W5-Rainbow  X55
 W6-Rainbow  X66
 WM-Rainbow  X77
 WF-Rainbow  X88
 WS-Rainbow  X99


Collect 1,000,000 coins!


Be sure to check back to this page as we will be updating it to help all our readers get these cool unlockables!


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