Double Coins When You Download New Super Mario Bros. 2 From eShop!

“The New Super Mario Bros. 2 game is the first game you can, purchase in stores AND on the Nintendo eShop. To celebrate, we are offering¬†100 Coins when you download the game from Nintendo eShop by 9/20!” – Club Nintendo


That’s right! As the title and quote above clearly state, you’ll get double the coins for registering New Super Mario Bros. 2 in the eShop. Though, only if you purchased the digital version from the shop itself. It seems Nintendo is making an effort to popularize their online service. I’m not complaining, but have they considered the thoughts of those that don’t have a constant internet connection?

What’s your opinion on the deal? Will you be downloading the digital version, or will you purchase the physical copy, and why? Post it in the comments!

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