Countdown to E3: New Super Mario Bros. 2

The E3 2012 Expo is just a mere 11 days away. The week-long event will be host to multiple announcements and game showcases from just about any company seriously involved in the video game industry. It’s a great time for gamers of all kinds to come together and enjoy an outpour of information regarding the latest and greatest games.

At Mario Party Legacy, we have a clear focus in which we cover all of the upcoming Mario games in full detail. As we anticipate what E3 will bring, keep in mind that this year is being seen as a great year for Mario. Paper Mario, New Super Mario Bros. 2, Luigi’s Mansion, Mario on Wii U, and games yet to be announced! As we count down the days, check back with Mario Party Legacy as we feature and preview some of our most anticipated games set to appear at E3!


Revealed a little over a month ago, New Super Mario Bros. 2 is, surprisingly, set to be the third installment in the New Super Mario Bros. series. The release date is set for August, making for an exceptionally quick wait period between announcement and release. To date, four screens and a logo are all we have to judge about the game, with no details being spared as to what else the title might hold.

While minimal, the four images share a lot of information that the common gamer might not catch right away. Our first image shows what might be a common theme throughout the entire game. Raccoon Mario, as well as the P-wing, return from their starring appearances in Super Mario Bros. 3, creating a precedent for the theme of the game. The giant block seen on the right side of the screen is none other than those featured in Super Mario Bros. 3, holding up with the said theme.

For our next two images, the invincibility power from the Star power-up seems to be displayed here in full effect. Our first screen shows Mario running through what appears to be an underground desert themed level, with a gold Mario sprinting towards enemies. In the next screen, a snow level shows all the enemies with the apparent Star effect, leading many to believe that enemies will be granted the same power-ups as Mario.

Our last screen may not reveal too much, but we do get to see the return of the Scuttle Bug enemy. Spider webs are used to cling upon, but one has to wonder how those webs are supporting themselves floating in the air like that.

From the little information we have, New Super Mario Bros. 2 looks to follow the same routine the previous two games went through. Here’s hoping for a variety of new worlds, new gameplay mechanics, and differentiating elements that will help the game stand apart from the rest of the series. The announcement of downloadable content is also something many of us would love to see.

We are still in the dark when it comes to information on New Super Mario Bros. 2. With the game releasing in August, we can only expect a full reveal at E3, with the weeks leading up to the launch full of information, screens, and videos. E3 is only nine days away and there is a lot to learn about New Super Mario Bros. 2.

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