Catch Up on Last Year’s E3 Wii U Demos


The Wii U is set to be fully unveiled in less than a month at this year’s E3 2012 Expo. While an entire year has passed since its official announcement at E3 2011, the Wii U has only seen a handful of playable tech demos. As we prepare for what should be an overflow of Wii U information and footage, let’s take one last look at the original tech demos that first showed off the capabilities of the Wii U. Also, please be aware that the games in the videos are only tech demos and none of the games have been confirmed to appear in some sort of final product.



Chase Mii

This simple mini-game has five different players playing a chasing game where a single player, a Mii dressed as Mario, runs around a Mushroom Kingdom themed world while the other players, Miis dressed in Toad suits, try to hunt down and capture the single player. The single player uses a the Wii U controller, complete with mini map and trackers for the all the players, while the other players use Wii remotes and are forced to use the television screen as their guide. The single player wins if he is able to outrun the clock and survive the round.

Battle Mii

Metroid! A single Mii controls Samus’s ship while two other Miis, awesomely dressed in Varia Suits, run around the ground trying to shoot down the ship with laser guns. The player controlling the shop can also shoot lasers, and the main objective of the game is to deplete the opposing player’s health meter.

Shield Pose

Shield Pose is a simple tech demo that takes the Wii U’s gyroscope functionality and turns it into a fun rhythm game. Players can also move the controller to view sections of the demo that are restricted by the television screen.

Bird Demo

The bird demo is a simple tech demo, that shows off the kind of environments and graphical elements the Wii U can handle. During the demo, the player has the opportunity to move the camera around, showing that the demo is in real time.

Zelda HD

Is there anything I have to say about this? It looks fantastic and this needs to be game! The demo is all in real time, and elements such as light and camera angles can be changed at a moment’s notice.

New Super Mario Bros. Mii

Ah, New Super Mario Bros. Mii. Nothing too impressive here, as the tech demo is simply New Super Mario Bros. Wii with a few higher resolution textures, the ability to play as your Mii, and five new stages to play through. The game is not set for an official release, but the tech demo was able to show how full games can be played on the controller itself.

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