Mario Party 9 Mini-Game Evaluation – Part 2

 If you would like to read part 1, click here. For this part, I will break down some of the minigames. Other minigames will be covered in future parts. The ratings are done on a 1-5 scale. 1 being that the game is broken, 2 that the game is not fun, 3 is that it’s not memorable, 4 that it’s good, 5 that it’s great.

Buddy Bounce – 4/5
Mario Party 9 did a really good job of making games with simple concepts but giving them the small details to make the minigames fun. This is like the poster child so this minigame is a good start. Just jumping around collecting points bubbles, while trying to get on top of your opponents to get the big 10 point bonuses.

Logger Heads – 3.5/5
A nice quick reaction game. The bob-omb is a good mix up for people who like to be quick on the trigger. It’s a cool game.

Pinball Fall – 2/5
So you have like 10% control of your destiny by being able to shake yourself out of a hole, but a luck game is a luck game.

Launch Break – 3/5
Maybe I’m biased since I’m not a good button masher. But this game is just ok in my book. For some reason I’m not a fan of the remote shaking part.

Goomba Village – 4.5/5
This is a chaotic counting game…that if you’re good enough to be able to keep track of the houses you can actually pick a house based on logic rather than a guess. It’s a fun game for me, but I think people should be able to pick whatever house they want.

Speeding Bullets – 5/5
I like racing games, you got me. Bias but it’s a fun racing game so I’ll give it a good grade.

Pianta Pool – 1/5
I’m not a fan of the control scheme. I can never get good control of my little tube or whatever you hover in (because the Mario gang can’t stay afloat by themselves). It’s so awkward…kinda like motion control gaming in general.

Chain Event – 5/5
Another thing Mario Party 9 did good is make simple games intense. This is an intense game with the pressure to not mess up during this game. It’s a really enjoyable game.

Skyjinks – 4/5
The only reason why this game doesn’t get a 5 is because it’s basically a crapshoot at the end on the last cloud to see who can time the sidescrolling screen best. And the lives are excessive. Otherwise the game’s concept is really good.

Skipping Class – 4.5/5
I think the only reason why this game is getting the extra .5 is because there’s no warning of when the next pattern comes up, always keeping you on your toes. Another intense game from a simple concept.

Mecha Choice – 1.5/5
Luck game. Sure you only have a 1/3 chance of losing…but it’s a luck game…

Jigsaw Jumble – 4/5
A very nice little puzzle game. Other than the fact that I suck at it, it’s a cool game. Especially for those people who are not as impatient as I am and actually analyze the puzzle.

Growing Up – 4/5
Similar concept of trying to beat your opponents to pressing a button like Skipping Class, but the differences are good enough to give this game a solid 4.

Upward Mobility – 4/5
So this game could be really fun…if it weren’t so easy. This game is too easy to get a perfect on it, that it basically comes down to who starts faster at the beginning. Otherwise games like these are fun to me.

Ring Leader – 5/5
Wow…did I really give this game a 5? Well…it’s fun…it’s competitive…and, uh, yeah. Its fun. If I gave it a 4 I feel like I’m giving it a lower score than it deserves for some reason. Simple game based on timing more than anything else with motion controls that are good.

Smash Compactor – 2.5/5
I’m not a big fan of this game since it becomes more of a “can you time your punch right” game more than anything else. It’s ok…I guess. No, not really. This game wasn’t made too well if you ask me.

Peak Precision – 5/5
So a game that takes 7 seconds to win is a 5? I think I’ve hinted before that I love the competitive and intense aspects of a minigame. That’s what this game is. You savor the victory when you get it, because you know you’re one screw up from losing (unless you play with easy computers)

10 to Win – 1/5
Luck game. Not fun. Frustrating because it takes so long to complete.

Tuber Tug – 4.5/5
I have a feeling this game’s mechanics are broken because of how high you can get your score over Master CPUs. But I don’t care, it’s a competitive 10 seconds especially when you have human competition. You have to have the technique down and it’s easy to mess it up.

Card Smarts – 4/5
I know people may have the tendency to rate this game lower because of how mind boggling it can be. That’s exactly why I have it at a 4. You have to like any bit of strategy in Mario Party 9, right?

Toad and Go Seek – 4/5
This game could easily be a 5. The only problem is once one person finds the house, it’s a battle of who can bully their way into the house usually. But it’s a cool game, don’t get me wrong.

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