Top 5 Super Mario Sunshine Worlds

One might argue that the worlds of Super Mario Sunshine are one in the same and while there is merit to that argument, the worlds include a variety of different ideas that creatively mesh into some really unique worlds. Tucked away in the hub world of Isle Delfino are nine different locales that Mario can traverse to. While each world has unique properties special only to that world, five worlds stand among them all as the best in the game.

5. Gelato Beach

Super Mario Sunshine dealt with a heavy island and beach theme, and that is no secret at Gelato Beach. With all the exotic and hectic locations that Isle Delfino offers, Gelato Beach is that one spot of peace that exits on the island. Our favorite Cataquacks make their first appearance, and the beautiful outlook onto the ocean atop the hill also makes for an enjoyable experience. The story of the egg over the episodes worked well, as did the Secret of the Sand Bird level.

4. Noki Bay

This one screams Mario platformer. Off the side of a secret cliff resides the world of Noki Bay. Giant shells are suspended over spiraling needles that can only be accessed through timed jumps and patience. Ancient tunnels run through the cliffside, with secret pathways hidden within the walls. An underwater chamber is home to a giant eel, and a secret cave holds a well deserved Shine Sprite.

3. Pianta Village

Tired of all the sunshine? Pianta Village is active at night, and this is precisely when Mario is called to do his job. The episodes here are great, and offer some of the more challenging levels in the game. Cleaning the village of all its goop and calming the enraged Chain Chomps is one of the more rewarding Shine Sprites in the game. Add in some more scavenger hunts and cleaning missions and you have yourself a great and interesting world.

2. Sirena Beach

Every vacation island has a fancy hotel and Isle Delfino is no exception. The pristine and relaxing environment was enough to make this world place a spot so high on the list, but the interior of the hotel is where the real action can be found. Hotel Delfino is haunted and plagued by ghosts, making for plenty of diverse levels and interesting quests. An underground casino and a roulette based boss fight with King Boo is icing on the cake.

1. Delfino Plaza

What better world than the hub itself? Delfino Plaza brought life to the game, something Peach’s Castle from Super Mario 64 lacked. The town is full of bright colors and vibrant characters that populate the square and surrounding buildings, adding some responsibility to your troubles, as well as giving a sense of accomplishment to your work. Some major story elements happen in the plaza, as well as some interesting Star Sprites. Delfino Plaza is the best world and highlight of Super Mario Sunshine.

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