Staff Openings at Mario Party Legacy

It’s that time again! With all the activity the main site has been getting in the last couple of months, I think it’s time to add a few new faces to the website staff! Here are the roles we need filled:



Contributing Editor

This role is given to those who write up editorials and features on the main site. These articles focus on a specific or broad topic on some sort of element in the Mairo series. For some examples of what you would be writing, check out these articles:

Mario Party 9 – How well has it been Received?
Top 5 Super Mario Sunshine Worlds
The Best Retro Boards for Mario Party 9



News Correspondent

We need somebody who loves to cover the latest Mario news in a neat and timely fashion. With E3 coming up, this role is needed more than ever. For some examples of what you would be writing, check out these articles:

New Super Mario Bros. 2 Announced!
RUMOR: Miyamoto Confirms Super Mario 4?
Mario Party 9 First Month Sales Revealed


Content Provider

Mario Party Legacy is currently expanding to the entire world of Mario, not just the Mario Party series. For this all new role, we need someone to help create and maintain pages for all the upcoming Mario titles. For an example of what you would be working on, check out our current page for Mario Tennis Open:

Mario Tennis Open


If anyone feels called to any of these roles, please send me an email with the desired role as soon as possible.



You’re going to have to take the the “$” and replace it with a “@”. Spammers are all over the place.



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