OPINION: New Super Mario Bros. Mii Must be Bundled with the Wii U

New Super Mario Bros. Mii has to be bundled in with the Wii U. Releasing the game within the Wii U itself delivers on so many different accounts that an opportunity like this is too hard to pass up on. All audiences would be pleased, all technical showcases would be presented, and most importantly, all gamers would be happy.

The Wii U has left gamers with so many questions, but one question seems to reign them all. Why should I buy a Wii U? Putting all the hardware and technical mumbo jumbo aside, we see that the games are what fans are truly interested in seeing. Looking back at the 3DS makes it evident that a strong lineup is required to sell systems. Looking even further back at the Wii reveals that bundling the right game together with the system can cause consumers to jump on board without even thinking about purchasing future game puchases. Now what game can the Wii U be bundled with?

New Super Mario Bros. Mii needs to be the game inside the box. Mario sells, and Nintendo is well aware of this fact. Mario is the face of Nintendo, and in many cases the face of video games in general. Having Mario playable from the moment the system is powered on is not only a smart move for the consumers, but also a business strategy as a whole. Mario is the icon of video games, and having his latest adventure right from the start can only work wonders.


Perfect for the hardcore and the casual.

What about the game itself? In New Super Mario Bros. Mii, we are basically looking at a slightly improved version of the Wii game, but with the usual new levels, new power ups, new enemies, and all that good stuff. While this game has only been shown as a tech demo, the recent announcement that the Mario game on Wii U will be based off New Super Mario Bros. Mii has some gamers in doubt over whether or not the game deserves a full retail release.

That is when the bundle comes in. Not only should New Super Mario Bros. Mii contain a great single player with an awesome multiplayer component, but is should also come bundled with those E3 tech demos that Nintendo displayed last year to show off the controller. Just like the minigames that utilized the touch screen of the DS in Super Mario 64 DS, New Super Mario Bros. Mii can have a separate mode that allows players to enjoy the likes of Chase Mii and Battle Mii, all while showing what the Wii U can truly do. New Super Mario Bros. Mii would be the Wii Sports of the Wii U.

The New Super Mario Bros. series is easy to pick up, accessible to any age group and any number of players, and most importantly, speaks to both the causal and hardcore audiences. Nintendo made it known that they wanted to bring back the hardcore gamers while maintaining the casual crowd, and this game does just that. Back in the early days of the Wii, Wii Sports revolutionized the gaming culture as grandmas and stay at home moms got their hands on what became the best selling video game of all time. It didn’t take long before there was a demand for a new game from this new audience, and the game that answered this problem was in the form of New Super Mario Bros. Wii. With the casual crowd even more accustomed to Mario, there couldn’t be a better time to sell a Wii U along with a simple game like New Super Mario Bros Mii.


Simple and shows what the Wii U can do.

Nintendo has a lot to answer these next couple of months, and the software library is sure to be on the minds of any interested gamer. Knowing that a game like New Super Mario Bros. Mii is included with the Wii U helps gamers make that important decision on purchasing the system. The game calls to both the casual and the hardcore, an essential element that Nintendo plans to build the foundation of the Wii U on. Of course, the actual software launch lineup is equally important and can’t be ignored, but if Nintendo can¬†solidify a Mario game upon every Wii U purchase, it can only mean good things.

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