New Special Games Trailer for Mario Tennis Open

Earlier today, Nintendo released a massive amount of new information on the upcoming Mario Tennis Open for Nintendo 3DS. Along with all this information came a new trailer focusing on the special games found within Mario Tennis Open.


The trailer showcased five different special games:

  • Super Mario Tennis – Play through familiar levels as you earn points the same way you would in the original Super Mario Bros.
  • Ring Shot – Hit the ball through one of the different sized rings to earn points.
  • Ink Showdown – Try to return 30 of the tennis balls after Inky Piranha Plants splatter the screen.
  • Galaxy Rally – Play against a Luma as you collect Star Chips.

Other pieces of information have been released through the trailer and recent fact sheets:

  • Coins are collected in game and can be used to purchase accessories that change appearance and stats with coins.
  • Accessories include Mario’s outfit, Mario’s racket, Peach’s tennis shoes, Bowser’s racket, a Bullet Bill outfit, and many more.
  • Using Streetpass to exchange Customized Mii and statistics.
  • Leaderboards for Online as well as Streetpass.
  • Open Match Mode in Online will match you with similarly skilled players.
  • Singles, Doubles, Online, and Special Games Modes. No word if there are any more.
  • Hitting the ball in a Chance Spot (purple glowing star) will grant you a supercharged Chance Shot.

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