Fans Import Sunshine Levels to Super Mario Galaxy 2

Fans of the Galaxy games have always wanted to go back and experience previous locales from past games in their new adventure, and some very dedicated fans did just that. Thanks to the efforts of Martboo48 and a few others, an importer was created that took stages and levels from Super Mario Sunshine and place them into Super Mario Galaxy 2. The importer has not been released to the public, but Martboo48 was kind enough to leave us all with a video that showcased many of the major levels from Super Mario Sunshine in Super Mario Galaxy 2 gameplay.

The most interesting part of this news is the project behind the awesome importer. Super Mario Galaxy 2.5 is an upcoming fan made game that takes the base game of Super Mario Galaxy 2, and expands the game to all new heights. Expect plenty of new level designs and a ton of throwbacks from past games. If you would like to help with the project check out their home page:

Super Mario Galaxy 2.5

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