Weekly Competition #3 – Challenge Bonuses in the Attack

#3- Time Attack Mode Bonus Challenges Competition!

      This week’s challenge is about completing the Challenge Bonuses in Time Attack mode. Whoever completes the most wins! Very simple, just take a picture of the challenge bonus time slot at the end of Time Attack Mode, like this:

Afterwards, you can submit your score onto the Mario Party Legacy forum. Signing up for our forum is free, just click here to register today. You can click here submit your scores in this topic! The grand prize is 50G as always.

NOTE: Since this competition started later, it will end on Wednesday at 12PM PT.

Each week, Mario Party Legacy will have a competition based on achieving a certain objective in Mario Party 9. Anyone is open to participating as long as they join the forum and post their submission here. The grand prize is 50G to the winner to help you add up points to buy games for free through our MPL G Shop. The contests will start on Tuesdays at 12 am PST and end on Mondays at 11:59 pm PST.  In order to submit to our competition, you must have 1 pieces of informations in picture evidence.
1. Picture of the “Challenge Bonus” time slot at the completion of the Time Attack mode.

  • Nothing complicated here, but you have to take the 1 picture asked, not any mid game screens.
  • Finally, you can submit to the competition as much as you want during the week (so you can better you score).

1st – 50G
2nd – 30G
3rd – 20G
4th – 10G
5th – 5G

Due to the style of this competition, ties will go like this:
1st- 40G
1st- 40G
3rd- 20G
4th- 8G
4th- 8G

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