The Best Mario Party 9 Dice Blocks

Mario Party 9 brought about many changes that drastically changed the way we play Mario Party. One of the new additions to come from these changes is the dice block system. In addition to the standard die, players will be able to collect five other special dice blocks that put an interesting and strategic twist on the dice block. So which ones are the most helpful?


5.) 1-2-3 Dice Block

While this dice block can useful when you are trying to avoid something within your range, those opportunities do not show up often enough to warrant a player to carry one around. These dice blocks usually end up taking the space of superior dice blocks and are often thrown out when given the choice.


4.) 1-10 Dice Block

You would think that this coveted and rare dice block would be worth the wait. Unfortunately, Mario Party 9 does not set up enough situations where this dice block is needed. Most players would like to use the 1-10 dice block near the end of the board to avoid the mass amounts of Bowser spaces, but another player usually ends up captain and lands on them anyway. Not only that, but the chances of rolling a number higher than the standard six is less than half percent.

3.) 4-5-6

You are so close but you just can’t trust the normal dice block for that high number! This is where the 4-5-6 dice block comes into play. There are so many times when any player dreads a low number, and in most cases, the 4-5-6 dice block is there to help you make it through.


2.) 0-1 Dice Block

We have all been there. That moment where no matter what you do, you are in for some serious hurt. So how about do nothing? That is right, this dice gives you the chance to do absolutely nothing, and let the next player in line suffer. There is still the possibility of rolling a one, but this dice block still guarantees you will not be moving far.


1.) Slow Dice Block

What could be better than being able to pick exactly what space you want to land on? This dice block is helpful in any situation, whether you are trying to avoid any kind of danger and when you have a specific space in mind. It can be used completely for your advantage or to wreak havoc on the other players. This is by far the best way to control what happens on the board and the best dice block in the game.

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