New Links and Mario Party 9 Page Updates

For the last couple of days, you may have seen a few changes on the site. First off, the images on the news post from the front page have undergone some changes. All future images will no longer be blurry and they will match the on the slider correctly. The snippets of news on the front page will no longer feature the first few lines of that post, and instead, we are trying a new style where we make a quick summary that consists of a sentence or two of what is to be read in that article.

We also have our ads placed in a few new spots. As running a website goes, we need to have ads to continue running Mario Party Legacy, and the new ads have been placed in ways to optimize space without taking away from the normal functions of the site. We are still messing around with the ads, but if you see any ads that you deem offensive or inappropriate, please contact me as soon as possible.

The Mario Party 9 pages are currently being updated as we wait for the release in Australia and North America! You can check out the finished pages below, and please be patient as we get the rest done!

In addition to all the updates to the site, we also have two new links! Our first link comes from our good friend cheat-master30, webmaster of the recently opened Nintendo 3DS Daily. The website is constantly bringing forth the latest in 3DS news, including screens, videos, general info, and a number of opinion articles.

Our second link comes in the form of Super Joystix. This UK based store sells you the games you want and is run by the founder, Jason. Make sure to check the store out and see if there is anything you like!

Make sure to comment on the new site updates below, and please support our new links by checking out their websites!

Nintendo 3DS Daily

Super Joystix