Mario Party 9 – The Hype

The hype for any video game  is large as the release window approaches, and this is no different with the release of Mario Party 9. Knowing that, a set of questions need to be asked (well, maybe not need, but I’m going to ask them anyway): Why is it how it is now? When did it start? Where did it start?

They are excited for finally being able to collect stars again

Why is it how it is? :

Mario Party 8 released in 2007 and it was the previous Mario Party series game to be considered “latest” for game consoles. Fans across the world have been waiting for an announcement after the series has taken a long hiatus. As soon as it was announced, the wait was over and the hype began to evolved to what it is now. The hype exists currently simply because it’s both a popular series, and has a large fan base extending to all parts of the globe.

When did it begin? :

It’s arguably true to say that the hype began long before Mario Party 9 was even announced. The fans had reasons to believe that the developers must have been hard at work making a game that fixed the issues the previous Mario Party titles had. Well, those reasons are of course with respect to what the fans saw as “problematic.” So the hype began early because of what the fans believed to be true (without any real announcements), and as soon as the announcement came to be (mainly indirect), the hype went up even more (perhaps exponentially).

Where did it start? :

It can be answered similarly to the “why?” It’s due to the long wait, and the fan size. Developing hype commonly begins when fans are expecting a game to be released as an addition to a particular series which they deem as good or great. It started in the minds of the fan base Mario Party currently has. As long as they stay true and faithful to the series, the hype will always start in the soul of the fans. Keep that faith in the Mario Party series, so excitement will always have a right place to start.


Hype is good, but having too much could be devastating if a particular game doesn’t meet certain expectations of fans. So rule of thumb is, be open minded and don’t expect too much. That way, you’ll feel exceptionally better if the game raises the bar even higher than the level you have previously set for the game. Of course, some can argue the other way as well.


What do you all think of the hype? Is it fair? High? Too low?


Extra: I’ll be playing an imported version of Mario Party 9 starting this weekend (hopefully gets here by then) with a friend for about a week (also solo) and I’ll make an attempt in reviewing the game myself. I don’t have capabilities of capturing video, so I’ll just be taking photos of some events going on which I deem as cool or important.