Mario Party 9 Officially Out In Europe!

      The time has finally come, Mario Party 9 is out! Only for Europe though. Australia still has a 6 day wait and North America a 10 day wait. And then Japan still has a nearly 3 month wait. But for Europeans it’s time for celebration and time to go buy your copy of MP9! If your aching to discuss Mario Party 9 with others, you can always join our forum. The party has begun!

If you’re not quite sure about Mario Party 9 yet here’s a round-up of all the reviews we’ve seen published so far to help you decide:

Nintendo Gamer – “There’s still a whiff of exploitation, but at least Mario and co appear to be enjoying themselves at their latest do. Refreshing, but there’s potential for even better things next time.” 80/100

Metro – “A successful reboot for a franchise that still has a lot to give in terms of uniting gamers, and non-gamers, around its uncomplicated but endearing charms.” 7/10

Official Nintendo Magazine – “With many lessons having been learned, this is a wonderfully refreshing revamp.” 86/100

Nintendo Life – “Mario Party 9 makes the most major changes to the series we’ve seen in years, streamlining it to a short and snappy rush of mini games. It’s less predictable than its previous instalments, smartly ditching the dead wood in favour of a fresh approach that emphatically reminds us why the series has been going for 14 years.” 8/10

God Is A Geek – “Whilst Mario Party 9 doesn’t bring too much new to the series, it’s a fine effort nonetheless. Clearly aimed at a younger audience, it succeeds in bringing people together in front of the television to enjoy some Mario fun, and how can that be a bad thing?” 8/10

Nintendo Power – “Much has been improved since the eighth iteration, and there’s a slew of new content to unlock and explore. Even the skeptics should be charmed once they’ve played a game or two.” 8/10

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