Mario Party 9 Officially Out In Europe!

      The time has finally come, Mario Party 9 is out! Only for Europe though. Australia still has a 6 day wait and North America a 10 day wait. And then Japan still has a nearly 3 month wait. But for Europeans it’s time for celebration and time to go buy your copy of MP9! If your aching to discuss Mario Party 9 with others, you can always join our forum. The party has begun!

If you’re not quite sure about Mario Party 9 yet here’s a round-up of all the reviews we’ve seen published so far to help you decide:

Nintendo Gamer – “There’s still a whiff of exploitation, but at least Mario and co appear to be enjoying themselves at their latest do. Refreshing, but there’s potential for even better things next time.” 80/100

Metro – “A successful reboot for a franchise that still has a lot to give in terms of uniting gamers, and non-gamers, around its uncomplicated but endearing charms.” 7/10

Official Nintendo Magazine – “With many lessons having been learned, this is a wonderfully refreshing revamp.” 86/100

Nintendo Life – “Mario Party 9 makes the most major changes to the series we’ve seen in years, streamlining it to a short and snappy rush of mini games. It’s less predictable than its previous instalments, smartly ditching the dead wood in favour of a fresh approach that emphatically reminds us why the series has been going for 14 years.” 8/10

God Is A Geek – “Whilst Mario Party 9 doesn’t bring too much new to the series, it’s a fine effort nonetheless. Clearly aimed at a younger audience, it succeeds in bringing people together in front of the television to enjoy some Mario fun, and how can that be a bad thing?” 8/10

Nintendo Power – “Much has been improved since the eighth iteration, and there’s a slew of new content to unlock and explore. Even the skeptics should be charmed once they’ve played a game or two.” 8/10

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March 1, 2012 8:25 PM

awwww we still gotta wait 9 days left =( NORTH AMERICA

March 1, 2012 11:18 PM

Why does America complain about the game not coming to there country first? They can’t expect every game to be released in there country the first time and make all the other countrys wait after them.
March 4, 2012 12:58 AM

This might hit some interests as well: – “This game is a must have for Mario Party fans wanting something totally different. Just do it!” 9/10

As you can see, we can recommend Mario Party 9 to any Mario (Party) fan.

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