First Impressions on Mario Party 9

We are nearing an entire week since the release of Mario Party 9 in North America, giving the staff enough time to form some first impressions. What are our initial thoughts on the car? How do we feel luck is being balanced in the game? What do we like about the game so far? Keep reading to find out!


31GHT B1T S3RVANT (HJ) says…

If the Mario Party series was like a banquet, Mario Party 9 would probably be the daily special – a surprise in more ways than one, tantalizing to some but irritating to others. It has so much that is different – exotic maybe – and yet the familiarity of minigames, characters and story (or lack of) make it right at home with other games in the series.

My experiences with the game were mostly positive, with Story Mode being immersive despite being at times aggravating, Party Mode a calmer way to savor the uniqueness of the boards, and Extra Mode, Minigames and the Museum providing solid sub-modes for less hectic partying (or browsing/buying as it may be).

For sure, a dish where luck runs much of the boards, and limits players as a consequence of the streamlined car and captain mechanics, has an aftertaste which can be difficult to acquire, the vibrance of each board, the always-spectacular minigames, and new mechanics like Captain Events and Boss Battles keep the life in the party. To me at least, it is a solid MP title despite its shortcomings; the experimental dish it is has passed at least this taste tester’s palate.



madstarr says…

Mario Party 9 is a drive towards another direction, a different direction, an unknown direction. I was very skeptical during the first months before release due to the largely changed game-play, but then I tried it out for myself and I was astounded. It works relatively well for the most part, and it still contains the charm Mario Party has kept with it after all of these years. One flaw I find in the game is with regards to how limited each player is. I am forced to move towards a direction I might not even want to move to yet I have no choice. Though I may regard it as a “flaw,” I also find it amusing. It allows a player to think up of new strategies during and after each turn is placed, and that alone plays a large role in making the game worthwhile to play.



Cookieboy17 says…

This game is not the Mario Party of 10 years ago for sure. But that’s ok…I think I’m ok with this new style of gameplay. I’ve mainly played against very hard computers minus my one Solo Mode game, and I’ve had mixed results. I definitely feel like I have less control of my performance than any previous MP game. But that does not mean there’s no strategy. Since you’re in the same vehicle, I think the focus on how to screw everyone over while keeping yourself untainted is fun. I do think some penalties in this game, such as the Boos at King Boo’s board making you lose half your mini stars is too harsh. But it’s just part of this new style of gameplay. And I think I’m ok with it. I think anyone hardcore may get annoyed by Magma Mines, but my sister said she liked it and she’s been playing Mario Party games as long as I have though not as much. So I think this new style deserves a passing grade.

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