The Official Mario Party 9 Website is Fully Open Now!

Nintendo has completely opened up the official website for Mario Party 9 today! The site is brimmed full of new content to browse through for Mario Party 9. You’ll find information about the Story, Characters and Bosses as well as Stages, Minigames and How to Play. Most of the information here isn’t brand new if you’ve been keeping with the news here at Mario Party Legacy however there’s a section on the site for the bonus modes in the game besides the main stages. These extra bonus modes consist of the following:

  • Free Play
  • Step It Up
  • Garden Battle
  • Choice Challenge
  • High Rollers
  • Time Attack
  • Boss Rush

You can view that content by clicking here. The site seems to be content complete except for the exclusion of the final two stages which should unlock very soon so have a browse through the website!

If you’re not seeing the updated site make sure to try a Hard Refresh on the page (CTRL+F5)

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