Story Mode Gameplay Video by VideoGamer

So besides Kamek being confirmed as playable, there is a new 10 minute gameplay video of Mario Party 9 out. In this video is the full opening sequence of story mode for Mario Party 9, as well as a few turns of gameplays and a few minigames. Some notes from the new video:

  • Landing on a VS space will have a four player minigame where you get 5 mini stars for finishing 1st, 3 ministars for finishing 2nd, 2 for 3rd, and 1 for 4th.
  • Kamek is sent by Bowser to try to get the most mini-stars himself and force the other players to re-do the board.
  • You can still practice minigames before you play them.
  • Story Mode may be a 3 vs 1 deal with Kamek along with just trying to win.
  • The captain can just choose which way he or she wants to go on an intersection. It is unknown what the wheel and direction chooser from the Magma Mines gameplay is.
  • There is a chance that you can play a regular 4 player minigame when someone lands on a Dice Block (Blue) space.
  • Some minigames go on even after someone has “won” the game to get the rest of the finishing positions to give people their mini stars based on what position they placed.
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