Roundup of Mario Party News and Previews

Lots and of news and previews on Mario Party 9 today! Instead of detailing what each article contains, follow the links below to each individual site for their own impressions on the game.

Nintendo Gal – Mario Party 9 Impressions

Kotaku – Mario Party 9 Sure Could Inspire Some Great Drinking Games

GameExplain – Mario Party 9 Rolls the Dice with Something New

IGN –  How Mario Party 9 Kicked My Ass

GotGame – Mario Party 9 Preview

GamesRadar – 5 changes that shake things up in Mario Party 9


In addition to the many previews, we also got two reviews.

[8.0] Nintendo Gamer – Mario Party 9 review

[7/10] Metro – Mario Party 9 review – cast the die


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