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From now on, until the release of Mario Party 9 in North America (Sunday, March 11, 2012), there will be a new poll every two days. We are getting a lot of visitors and we are close to the release of Mario Party 9. We are getting countless information about Mario Party 9 so that we want to make sure you have a chance of voting in the polls with our new information before you start playing Mario Party 9.

Here is the results from our last poll, which managed to get 1,001 votes in a span of four days. This was an average of 250.25 votes per day.

Question: Who do you think the 12th playable character will be?

1st: Toadette with 295 votes.

2nd: Rosalina with 235 votes.

3rd: Donkey Kong with 134 votes.

4th: Kamek with 85 votes.

5th: Boo with 68 votes.

6th: Dry Bones with 45 votes.

6th: Diddy Kong with 45 votes.

8th: Hammer Bro. with 40 votes.

9th: Koopa Kid with 35 votes.

10th: Blooper with 19 votes.

It looks like Toadette is Mario Party Legacy’s anticipated final playable character. Rosalina takes the second spot, followed with Donkey Kong in third. Note that there is no seventh place; Diddy Kong managed to tie with Dry Bones.

We at Mario Party Legacy thank you for contributing your votes to our polls. We hope you keep checking back at Mario Party Legacy for more Mario Party news! We would also appreciate if you would join the Mario Party Legacy Forum! It is free!

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