Noobfeed previews Mario Party 9

It looks like preview builds are being played by various publications. Noobfeed put out their preview of Mario Party 9 after some playtime with the game. Not a whole lot of new information, but we did get little tidbits here and there. Some of the more interesting notes include:

  • Special Dice Blocks that roll 4-5-6 and 0-1
  • Multiple roads to the end goal
  • Landing on a Mini-Game Space will allow the captain to pick from three mini-games to play.
  • “Using the multi-player element to alter mini-games mechanics and making impromptu handicap battles”
  • “The winner is the person that collected the most Mini-Stars, but to keep it interesting until the last second, Mario Party adds modifiers to the end game”

Gamedynamo also previewed Mario Party 9 today, but no new information was spared.