Mini-Game Footage Video

Once again, has updated their site with footage of Mini-Games we’ve already seen. With the new video, we can now get a better idea of how they are played and how to win. It also shows a couple of new mini-games. However, what we see in the video is that the mini-games can also be played as Duel Mini-Games. I will also update the Mario Party 9 Mini-Games page, as well. Take a look at the eight-minute video!



There is plenty to see, and as such, here are a few tidbits of new info:

    • Minigames only appear when landed on a Minigame space.
    • No more turns.
    • A certain button must be pressed by everyone before a minigame to ensure everyone is ready.
    • All characters are equal. No one person is faster, stronger, etc.
    • 4 Player Minigames can also be played as Duel Minigames.
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