Mario Party 9 – 4+ Years of Waiting

Four years of waiting about to be fulfilled! Can you believe it? Before I continue, I want to bring attention to an article I wrote here on June 17th 2011, not long after Mario Party 9 was revealed at E3 2011 on that magical board at the end of Nintendo’s conference to reflect on my immediate feelings after hearing the revival of  a franchise that was a part of my childhood:

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I don't think anyone expected driving cars on boards to be a part of Mario Party 9.


Since then, a lot has changed. The big thing is learning that Mario Party 9 won’t have the classic mode that has been in every game before it besides Mario Party Advance. The boards are mainly a one way path till the end. There are no set amount of turns in the game. Even the 2vs2 games are gone. This isn’t really the Mario Party we’ve come to know and love over the years. But, coming from someone who’s been playing Mario Party games since 1999, I don’t view it as a bad thing at all. Mario Party 8 was not a success to the average hardcore Mario Party player, and how much could they really tweak the game in 9? Giving it a whole new brand to work with can’t hurt much to me.

Daisy and Peach are the same, but the dice block is not.


But wow, the Europe release is only 8 days away it’s almost too good to believe. I live in North America so the wait is 15 days, but still…there’s actually a new Mario Party! There is no doubt in my mind I will get the game on March 11th, play it all day, skip school the next day, and play it all day again. Is there something wrong you may wonder? Nope, just excitement. I think I have accepted that this game will probably not top Mario Party 3 as my favorite all time game. But can it be a fun game in it’s own element? Of course. Can this be the true revival of the Mario Party 9 franchise and not a one-off deal? I hope so.

Nonetheless, I can't wait to play this board!

But just being on Mario Party Legacy since 2008, just sitting on the forum waiting, I think a lot of us knew that Mario Party may have ran out of ideas since Mario Party 8 lacked in a lot of areas. But we just wanted one more. I just wanted one more Mario Party game to come out. And it’s going to come out. The gameplay may be revamped. But I’m not going to complain. I got my wish. After that we left it to ND Cube to make us a fantastic game. Now they’re part is about to come to a close. The next process is going to be my favorite. No more speculating, we’re getting ready to get our hands on Mario Party 9 and I can’t wait!

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